Grand Cherokee Front Runner racks

Front Runner full size aluminum off road strong. For your Grand Cherokee. Fits 2010-2016 models. Durable for all use be it 4 wheel or take on vacation. Racks come with mounting brackets parts and wind deflector. Customers find it easy to install and rattle free.

Jeep Grand Cherokee WK2 Roof Rack / Full Size Aluminum Off-Road Slimline II Cargo Carrier – by Front Runner

Racks systems are beyond compare. Because Front Runner is always up for a challenge, we’re going to try.

Built to last with no plastic components. Most of all these systems are made of high grade aluminum. Just like most airplanes. But unlike airplanes, our racks are grounded in off-road toughness and designed to tackle any earthly terrain.

Grand Cherokee rack
Grand Cherokee rack
THE SLIMLINE II IS LOW PROFILE. Because of the unique T-slot mounting system, “basket style” side rails are not necessary. This flat deck design is unobtrusive and compliments the lines of today’s automobiles. Because there are no side rails, it’s easier and quicker to remove stored gear and it’s also possible to mount a roof top tent.
For city use, the lower profile affords easier access to underground car parks and garages. By minimizing the profile, there is less drag and noise than the typical roof rack .Thereby increasing fuel efficiency and increasing performance.
To further reduce wind noise. All Front Runner Slimline II roof racks come with Wind Deflectors included.
 Most of all a roof rack should last as long as your vehicle. Most roof racks available today will rust, chip, and/or crack after being exposed to the elements. The Roof Rack will take the abuse of the sun, the rain, the gear. As well as almost any condition road you drive on.
 Manufactured in South Africa entirely with corrosion free aluminum. In addition the mounting solutions are either all aluminum or stainless steel. Customers will find a lifetime of dependability.
As an extra layer of protection. All Front Runner Slimline II roof racks and mounting solutions are powder coated satin black with one of the industry’s most durable and lasting finishes. This weather resistant powder coating is formulated for exterior uses and far exceeds industry standards. With the finish showing no visible damage at 500 hours of continuous salt spray.

Customers will find our product versatile. With over 50 Front Runner Rack Accessories and the ability to mount just about anything to the top, bottom or sides of our rack.


The company offers complete roof rack design flexibility. Therefore no other roof rack available today can be assembled by the customer to meet their specific needs.
Customers can add more slats can be added to create a solid platform option for sleeping and/or sitting and enjoying sundowners. Slats can also be removed to create unobstructed access through a T-top or sunroof.
In addition full size rack can be quickly converted to a shorter rack with the purchase of a pair of shorter side rails. Furthermore a smaller rack can be made longer with the purchase of longer side rails and additional slats.
Also Expedition style rails can even be effortlessly added to create the classic roof rack basket shape.
If any individual component of the roof rack becomes accidentally damaged. The part can be swapped out without having to replace the entire tray. Customers can purchase Grand Cherokee Front Runner racks at our webshop.